Education and Enrollment

Health care reform. Changing regulations. Benefit gaps. Knowledge gaps. Employers and employees today need help more than ever with their benefit programs.

M K McDonough Financial & Insurance benefits communication services, we can offer you the help you need – at absolutely no direct cost – during every phase of enrollment:

Some of the key benefits of helping educate youremployees in today’s health care world include:

  • Fewer questions and administrative work for you since we help your employees better understand and appreciate their benefits
  • Better informed and educated employees – which means a greater appreciation for their benefits and employer
  • Better educated health care consumers – which can save costs through use of generics, saving the emergency
    room for emergencies, free health screenings, self-examination, living a healthier lifestyle, etc.
  • Less financial risk for employees – because voluntary benefits help fill the gaps in their medical plans and provide disability and life insurance protection
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention – which means being able to attract and retain top talent
  • No direct cost to you

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